About us

About us - Jackdaw and Bear

Based on the North Downs in Kent, we are a husband and wife team creating prints while managing day jobs and raising our energetic toddler.

Hayley works in wildlife conservation, has a small obsession with succulents and houseplants, enjoys gardening and being outdoors.

Al works in social care, has a degree in illustration and apparently has no obsessions that take over the house, we just won’t mention the shed!

We design and hand print cards, gift tags and prints mostly using the Lino cut print process. Our work is often inspired by nature, travel (home and abroad) and things that grab our attention when out and about.

We design and create all pieces by first hand drawing the design onto Lino, and then we hand carve the Lino. Next, ink is hand rolled on to the Lino plates, finally the design is ready to be pressed on to the card or paper using a hand barren.
All prints are individually hand printed and unique.

Thank you for choosing to shop with us and supporting our printing obsession.